HD/MD Reject Chamber Valve Round by Square Flanged

Features and Benefits

1. The NPV HD/MD Reject Chamber Valve is designed specifically to handle the wire, staples, glass and sand typically found in recycle paper mill reject systems

2. Cavity free, precision machined, special body casting prevents accumulation of solids and trash which would prohibit the valve from activating the open/close limit switch sensors

3. Gate, seat cartridge and gate guide are 400SS heat treated and hardened, which extends the life cycle of the valve

4. Valve design allows for complete factory rebuild to like new condition at 50%-60% of the current list price

5. Gates are chrome plated to reduce friction and valve torque extending the life of the packing

6. All NPV/DUCO valves are supplied with NPV high cycle pneumatic cylinder, limit switch brackets and stainless steel cylinder lockout

7. HD/MD Reject Chamber Round by Square Flanged Valve is available in sizes 6″, 8″ & 1 O”


HD/MD Cleaner/Reject Chamber Valves in Recycle Mills


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