DUCO Scavenger Valve – Recycle Mill/Heavy Trash Applications

Features and Benefits

1. DUCO Scavenger knife gate valve design excludes cavities/pockets thus eliminating problems caused by the accumulation of solids that can prevent proper cycling of the valve

2. Hardened gate, hardened seat cartridge, and hardened backup guide prolong the life of valves in heavy solid and heavy trash applications

3. Hardened serrated ring and hardened beveled gate allow the valve to shear heavy solids and still achieve effective metal-to-metal sealing

4. Hardened seat ring and hardened gate guide also serve as scrapers to prevent solids from being dragged into the packing area when the valve is cycled

5. Two-piece body design and use of replaceable wear components allow valves to be fully repaired by the factory to like-new condition, making DUCO valves very cost-effective. The repair cost is 50-60% of the current list price of the valve

6. All DUCO Scavenger knife gate valves are supplied with NPV high cycle pneumatic cylinders, limit switch brackets, and stainless steel cylinder lockout

7. Gates are chrome plated to reduce friction on packing, reducing valve torque and extending packing life

8. DUCO Scavenger Valve available in sizes 3″ – 30″