DUCO Bidirectional Perimeter Seated Valve with Cone Deflector

Features and Benefits

1. Perimeter seating guarantees bi-directional bubble tight shutoff. Cavity free body design prevents de-watering of pulp stock and is ideal in slurries, powders, plastics and other solids handling applications

2. Addition of Cone Deflector protects and extends the integrity of the perimeter seat in heavy solids, slurries and abrasive applications

3. Elastomer seat is mechanically retained between body halves preventing movement or separation from the body, unlike standard o-ring seated valves

4. Precision machined body halves serve as scrapper blades, which clean the gate and extend the life of the packing system

5. Two-piece body design simplifies repair/replacement of gate, packing, seat ring and topworks assembly

6. All NPV/DUCO Valve body castings are of 31 ?SS (CG8M). Cone deflectors are available in 31 ?SS, 400SS heat treated and hardened, and polyurethane

7. All external valve components- stanchions, bolting, bridge, stem, clevis, packing follower­are stainless steel construction which eliminates external corrosion

8. Precision machining of the stuffing box with the live-loaded packing in conjunction with an additional Viton O-ring provides for a very dependable and adjustable packing system

9. Two piece body design allows for option to use the standard perimeter seat or replaceable cartridge seats depending on requirements of application