NPV Series 100

Features and Benefits

1. North Port Valves’ Unidirectional knife gate valve design provides for full guiding of the gate throughout the cycle which prevents any gate distortion even in the event of a back pressure

2. Full guiding of the gate within the valve casting eliminates excessive gate movement, extending the cycle life of the packing gland

3. Metal-to-metal seats meet Class 3 shutoff in liquid service in the preferred direction

4. Elastomer seats meet bubble-tight shutoff requirements in liquid service in the preferred direction

5. All North Port Valves’ knife gate valves are provided standard with stainless steel lockout, both manual and cylinder-operated

6. North Port Valves’ Cylinders can be mounted at the time of manufacture, or by design easily retrofitted in the field

7. The Unidirectional knife gate valve is manufactured of Stainless Steel components that prevent damage from corrosion, both internal and external

8. Unidirectional knife gate valves are available from 2″- 48″ diameter, both metal and elastomer seated.

NOTE: All Unidirectional knife gate valves must have pressure behind the gate upon closing for proper sealing.