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North Port Valves (NPV) has been serving the Pulp and Paper industry for 20 years with high quality knife gate valve designs for the purpose of improving performance in critical applications requiring dependable shutoff and longevity of service.

In addition to supplying NPV’s for many applications in Virgin Pulp Mills we have also carved out a large market with the recycle paper industry. In applications requiring scavenger valves we provide 3”-30” on the pulpers, hydro purge, dethrashers and composters. NPV HD/MD reject cleaner valves are also being widely used throughout the recycle industry and in pulp mill knotter rejects.

The NPV O-Port special design thru gate valve is solving the problems in critical scaling applications such as green and white liquor.

Our DUCO series 200 perimeter seated bi-directional valve is quickly becoming the standard value of choice by many of our customers replacing the need for having to inventory or buy both uni-directional and bi-directional valves both. By standardizing on one valve fits all, this makes valve purchases much more cost effective.

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WATER & Waste Water

North Port Valves (NPV) has supplied a significant number of Series 100, Uni-Directional, metal & soft seated Valves for basic isolation service in water treatment facilities as these applications are fairly simple. However, the waste water treatment industry can and do require valves capable of handling much more difficult, heavy slurry type applications that are more similar to ones found in the pulp & paper Industry. For these waste water treatment applications we are having much success replacing other types and valve lines with our Series 200 DUCO Bi-Directional, cavity free valves. The Series 200 will achieve bubble-tight shutoff even in the most difficult of slurry and solids handling applications, both in manually and automated required services.

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Knife gate valves are being used in large quantities in the coal fired or other fossil fuel fired power plants. Typical applications where our knife gate valves are being used in the lime slurry circulation areas in scrubbers, gypsum created in scrubbing process, fly ash, wet ash and in the coal handling process areas. We have furnished the DUCO series 200 bi-directional valves in materials such as 317SS, 2205 Duplex steel, and 254SMO steel where there are issues of corrosion or chloride stress cracking. Also, the cavity free design of our DUCO series works extremely well in the heavy lime slurry transfer applications.

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North Port Valve has a complete range of valves and metallurgy choices that will handle many of the tough abrasive slurry, sludge, and process water used throughout the various mining industries. Our NPV O-Port thru gate design valve is especially applicable and performs well in heavy abrasive and scaling applications typically found in Phosphate process industries. Our unique design, metallurgy and three full port characteristics also allows for hydro blasting of piping system without requiring removal of valve, thus saving time and money.

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The plastics industries where the movement and storage of powder, pellets, crystals, and other forms of plastics materials are being manufactured require a high performance valve. The seat protection by use of a cone deflector gives the proper shutoff and eliminates the material collecting and preventing valve from performing as expected. The typical valve we use in these applications is the DUCO series 200 with either a standard 317SS cone deflector or in cases where material may be abrasive we use a special hardened material to handle the abrasion and extend life of the perimeter seat.

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Depending on the type of process being used to manufacture cement there are many knife gate applications that require a dependable shutoff and maintenance free knife gate valve. We have supplied the DUCO series 200 Bi-directional valve with cone deflector in both wet and dry processes, slurry applications as well as in the finished product handling systems. They are also used in the silo storage areas and the truck loading facilities

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The applications found in these facilities are very similar to pulp and paper mill applications. There are difficult heavy slurry and abrasive applications that require a heavy duty dependable valve such as our DUCO series 200 perimeter seated valve. Our DUCO reject chamber valves are used for heavy solids and abrasives. The O-Port full ported valve is used where conditions consist of very high solid content and seats must be protected from the flowing media.