Dufrene and Company, LLC

Dufrene and Company, LLC was founded in 2004 to represent specialty valve products for heavy industries such as pulp & paper, power, mining, water, wastewater, and chemical facilities. To our good fortune, we partnered with a small family-owned manufacturer of knife gate valves located in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. After several years of promoting and selling the North Port Valve brand, we worked out a deal to become the exclusive Agent for North Port Valves in all markets except for the Canadian market where North Port Valves has its own distribution network in all Canadian provinces.

Dufrene & Company, LLC now has a strong network of exclusive distributors promoting and offering North Port Valves throughout the 48 contiguous states, Mexico, and Central and South America. We have developed a complete line of knife gate valves that are technically sound and readily available to our clients. Due to the size and flexibility of our manufacturing programs, we can offer deliveries not normally attainable by our competitors. We concentrate on working with our distributors and clients to solve problems by determining the correct valve design that is application-specific and not just selling another replacement valve.

North Port Valves (NPV)

Contrary to many of your competitors we are exclusive to manufacturing only knife gate valves and their accessories to include the pneumatic actuators. North Port Valves has been in business for over 20 years and is located in the Golden Horseshoe area in Ontario Canada. It is a family-owned business that focuses on quality and workmanship.

We take great pride that most of the materials in our products are supplied by Canadian Companies. A lot of them are local in the Golden Horseshoe area including all our castings. Every valve component is manufactured in our facility, as well as all assembly and testing.

We offer several different styles of knife gate valves that work in many different applications as well as being able to do custom work due to our in-house manufacturing. We also manufacture our own line of pneumatic cylinders specifically designed to fit our valves. We manufacture O Ports, Check, Sampling, and Transmitter valves as well. We are confident that we can produce a knife gate valve for any application.

Border City Castings

Border City Castings, another family-owned and run business, was established in 1994 with a large manufacturing area of 16000 sq ft. President and General Manager Bob Nadeau has been in the foundry industry for 35 years. Son, Drake Nadeau the supervisor and production manager along with Bob brings a wealth of expertise to the team.

Border City Castings, prides itself on being very diversified in the types of metals, sizes, and designs of the castings they produce. This diversity allows them to meet all requirements put forth by their customers.


  • Office Area is 1500sq ft.
  • Land Area is 7.85 Acres.
  • Casting size- 0.5 lbs. to 2000 lbs.
  • Production Capacity is 80 tons monthly.
  • Molding Process – No bake (Environmentally Friendly) CO2 process.
  • Coremaking Process – No bake (Environmentally Friendly) CO2 process.
  • Melting Process – Electric Induction Furnace.
  • Finishing Process – Wheelabrating finish, Sandblast finish, heat treat, and fully machined castings if required.